Friday, October 10, 2008

do u interested on a hot women????

Phero-X perfumes? ConceptEnhance sex appeal and attractiveness with strongly attractive fragrances.Maximize the perfume's value based on the merits of human pheromone ingredients.Boost self confidence with high quality & long lasting fragrances. One drop is all it takes for total satisfaction

Phero-X For Men? 5ml Oil Based Concentrated Fragrance with Human Pheromones (5-Alpha-Androst-16-En-3-One) Made In Russia.
Phero-X For Men - a combination of science and scent - a sort of fragrance plus. Containing synthesized human pheromones, Phero-X, triggers your sixth sense, making you feel more attractive, alluring and confident. Undeniably, the most compelling feature of Phero-X is what you can not smell. Yet the scent itself delivers a message of allure, radiance and assuredness. It puts you in the Phero-X, so to speak, intoxicating those around you.

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